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Daniel Gabarra is a lover of learning and believes in Human Being healing as an individual and as a society. In this path way he became Brainspotting and NLP Trainer, EMDR Facilitator and Counsellor, Psychodrama specialist is Graduated in Psychology in UFSCar – Brazil

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In my work, Psychodrama or Socionomy came as the driving axis integrated with Brainspotting, the theory connection that allows me to see human beings in a more integrative way.


EMDR and Brainspotting come in as fantastic tools and models. They unblock the traumas, negative beliefs and responses that we use to do automatically, making the behavior and emotional changes more fluid. They help to reintegrate reason/emotion/body. This process is especially powerful in trauma and chronic pain. Chronic trauma and dissociative conditions, as well as depression, anxiety and panic, also have a gain in time and quality of response to treatment.


It is worth mentioning that despite working on the redefinition of the past, the primary objective is to “put” the affection of these events in the past, allowing learning in the present for a more satisfactory performance in the future.


In addition to these resources, I still use NLP as a set of techniques and resources to improve relationships, deal with problems or even enhance our skills.


This sewing of perspectives makes it possible to develop a better result in a shorter time, according to the objective of each person, couple, family, group, institution or company.


Daniel Gabarra

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